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Terms and conditions of purchase on the site

The rules for buying on the GG Boost site are as follows:

1- All expenses are paid in USD. 

2- The paid price of the product purchased by you will not be refunded for any reason, unless the GGBoost team is excused from placing your order. 

3- When filling out the purchase form, be sure to use a valid and correct phone number, any responsibility for not contacting you due to entering the phone number is not wrong with GGBoost and GGBoost is not responsible for your purchase. 

4- In case of any problem during the purchase, contact us through the contact page and wait for our call. 

5- The customer is responsible for any problems that occur during boost or after the full boost of your account due to the sensitivity of some games and matchmaking of that game (boosted accounts).

6- Due to the sensitivity of some games, it may take time to boost the customer’s account in order to prevent the customer’s account from being blocked, and GGBoost has no responsibility for the account of customers who rush to place an order, such as limiting or blocking the account.

7- GGBoost has the right at any time to update this page and set new rules regarding the purchases made.

8- Buying from GGBoost means studying and approving these rules.


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